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Emergency medical technician (EMT) - NWAS - North West Ambulance Service (1)

The purpose of the emergency medical technician (EMT1) role is to assist in the delivery of high-quality and effective pre-hospital clinical care, responding to 999 emergencies, inter-hospital transfers and urgent hospital admissions.

Working as a crew, you’ll attend emergencies, providing appropriate care and effective treatment for patients but also giving care, reassurance and support to the patient and relatives. You will need to be able to select and apply your skills, training and equipment safely to achieve the best possible outcome for your patient.

It is an extremely fulfilling job where you can make a real difference in people’s lives. It offers variety and challenge but the personal rewards are amazing.

EMT1 staff undertake the Level 4 Diploma Associate Ambulance Practitioner apprenticeship and Level 3 Emergency Response Driving. Please note: In order to proceed to interview you will need a C1 provisional licence at the point of submitting your application, all licences will be checked prior to interview.

EMT1s who have held the Level 4 Diploma Associate Ambulance Practitioner apprenticeship for two years are offered the development opportunity to apply for the Paramedic Science Degree apprenticeship to enable them to become qualified paramedics.

Find out more about the role with EMT, Rayhan (pictured).

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum of 5 GCSEs including Mathematics, English and a Science at Grade 4-9 or equivalent
  • Candidates with healthcare experience and GCSEs in Mathematics and English at Grade 4-9, or equivalent will be considered
  • You must hold a full and valid EU Driving Licence with no more than three endorsement points (in exceptional circumstances a maximum of six points may be considered)
  • C1 provisional – you must hold a minimum of a C1 Category* provisional entitlement on your licence. C1 driver training must be completed in your own time prior to commencing employment. This may be funded by NWAS and reclaimed through salary

To gain the provisional C1 driving category, you need to complete the D2 and D4 application forms. You need to arrange an appointment with your GP or another health professional to conduct this medical. You will need to take the form with you to the medical to be completed. A fee is usually charged for this.

You will need to also complete a D2 Application Form, which can be obtained from your local post office, or can be ordered online from the DVLA (see the bottom of the page of the above link). There is NO FEE to pay and 10-15 working days later you should receive your new licence.

  • Able to undertake the full duties of the job role including manual handling of patients and equipment using appropriate support
  • Post holder must weigh no more than 120kg to comply with the ambulance safe seat weight limit
  • Excellent communication and caring skills, with a willingness to work within our values

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the programme/qualification?

A. The apprenticeship title is ‘Associate Ambulance Practitioner’.

The apprenticeship sees a longer period of study than previous technician training. It comprises classroom training, competency development within the practice setting, and a practice period of consolidation, which leads to an overall programme length of approximately 15 months. (This may be extended to 18 months based on individual learner requirements).

At the end of the programme and completion of all assessments including the externally assessed end point assessment, successful candidates will be awarded the Associate Ambulance Practitioner Apprenticeship which comprises of the Level 4 Associate Ambulance Practitioner Diploma and Level 3 Certificate in Emergency Response Ambulance Driving.

Q. Will the job titles change from EMT1 to associate ambulance practitioner (AAP) ?

A. No, the title of EMT1 apprentice is still relevant to the trust and will not be changed, once qualified the only part of the title that will be removed is ‘apprentice’.

Q. Will this mean that there will be a change to the scope of practice of the EMT1?

A. No. There is no plan to change the EMT1 scope of practice. This programme provides us with a qualification that can be used for the further development and progression of EMT1 staff.

Q. How do you become an EMT1 apprentice?

A. You either need five GCSEs including maths, English and a science at grade 4-9 (C or above) or equivalent qualifications at level 2, or if you have healthcare experience – GCSE maths and English at grade 4-9 (C or above) or level 2 equivalent. You must hold a valid driving licence with no more than three endorsement points. In exceptional circumstances, a maximum of six points may be considered. You also need the C1 category on your driving licence or provisional at the time of applying. If you are successful at the interview and assessment, we will offer a salary sacrifice scheme to candidates who have only a provisional C1 and who wish to receive support to obtain their full C1 entitlement. You apply for the apprenticeship via Trac.

Q. Do I need a full C1 driving licence to apply?

A. At the point of applying you will be required to have a minimum of C1 provisional on your driving licence. Should your application be shortlisted and a DVLA licence check identifies that you do not hold provisional C1 entitlement, your application will be withdrawn.

Q. Do I need a full C1 driving licence to start in the role?

A. Yes, full C1 entitlement on your driving licence will be required prior to starting in the role. There will be no exceptions as you will need this for your training and is a requirement for the role.

Q. What happens if I am not able to provide evidence of qualifications on the day of the assessment?

A. We advise that if you are not in receipt of your qualifications, you visit the government’s ‘Get a replacement exam certificate’ page. Candidates will be required to provide all qualifications stated on their application form at the interview. Failure to provide these on the day of the interview may lead to the withdrawal of your application.

Q: My English and Maths qualifications were gained in (Scotland/US/West Africa/Nigeria/Europe etc) – are these acceptable to NWAS?

A. Find out more by clicking here. Tab three provides information about English and maths qualifications accepted (for apprenticeships/accepted across all roles). If your qualifications are not listed, you will need to get a comparability statement from ENIC (compares overseas qualifications to the UK education system, comparing them to UK qualifications and framework levels).

Q: What is the recruitment process for the EMT1 apprenticeship

A. Should your application be shortlisted and as part of the recruitment process candidates will go through a situational judgement assessment, interview, and driving assessment. You need to pass all three elements to be successful.

Q. What will the driving assessment involve?

A. You will be required to complete a driving assessment lasting 30-40 minutes, this will involve driving a larger vehicle, and you will be assessed by a driving instructor who will be assessing if you hold the skills required to pass the emergency driver training that forms part of the emergency medical technician apprenticeship.

Q: How much are apprentices paid at NWAS?

A.80% of top of pay band 4 – year 1

85% of top of pay band 4 – year 2

Upon completion of an apprenticeship, you go to the bottom of pay band and progress through the pay band on an annual basis in increments.

Q. I’m currently working for another Trust in the NHS, will my pay be matched?

A. Unfortunately not, you will be moved to the apprentice rate in line with the information identified on the advert. However, your NHS service will transfer over.

Q. What does this new qualification mean for access to paramedic programmes?

A. As this is a nationally recognised level 4 qualification, this also provides direct access to the second year of current and future Paramedic programmes. You can apply for the paramedic apprenticeship internally two years after completion of the EMT1 apprenticeship.

Q. I am prepared to work in more than one area currently being advertised, do I need to submit more than one application?

A. There will be only one application form for all areas, if you are invited to the assessment, you will be asked to complete a sector preference form for the area you wish to work within. (An example of this form will be attached to the advert documents). Please note that you may not be allocated the area requested. Allocations to sector and base station will be made on where the vacancies are available.

Q: Can you give me any tips for completing the application forms?

A. On all adverts there is a section called “Documents to download” – here you will find a document called “Additional application information” – which provides you with step-by-step guidance on completing the application forms. When you come to the supporting information section on the application form, ensure that you read the job description and person specification in full. Using the person specification, demonstrate that you meet each of the criteria using examples from your career, voluntary roles, or personal life. A great way to do this is to use STAR – situation, task, action, result.

Tip You will be required to hold the qualifications at the time of submission of your application. Please ensure that you put your qualification details in your application, including the levels. (If you omit the level, you will not be shortlisted). Please note you will be asked to produce the certificates on the assessment day. We advertise on all social media platforms including the current vacancies section on the NWAS website.

Tip – Register on Trac as although there may not be a role that you are currently interested in now, vacancies close very quickly for roles where there are a high number of applicants.

Tip – You need to complete the supporting information (you are allocated up to 1500 words). Use them wisely to demonstrate how you meet each specific criteria within the person specification, giving examples.

Key facts


Across North West – Check out our latest vacancies


Band 4. Agenda for Change for Pay and Terms & Conditions, including Section 2 payments for unsociable hours. NB: Pay during the apprentice period of training will be paid at the appropriate rates set out in Annexe 21 of the Agenda for Change


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