Library Guides: Database Comparisons: Google Scholar, Scopus, Web of Science (2023)

Which Source to Use for What:

Coverage of journals published outside the U.S.Google Scholar and Scopus do a lot more of this than Web of Science.

Non-English language publicationsGoogle Scholar will find more of these.

Interdisciplinary field coverageScopus and Google Scholar cover more journals in fields that span multiple disciplines.

“High-influence” publicationsWeb of Science.

Peer reviewed journalsScopus and Web of Science. GS known to cover a lot of non-reviewed content.

Non-journal coverageGoogle Scholar has more unique types of materials (PDF files, Word docs, technical reports, theses and dissertations, etc.). Web of Science and Scopus both have “some” proceedings and books but they are mainly covering journal articles.

Book coverageGoogle Scholar excels at this way more than the others as it covers Google Books content along with other freely-accessible online publications.

Authors with common namesScopus and Web of Science can easily help distinguish between similar author names.

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